Pisa: Not just a Leaning Tower

Pisa is a city in Tuscany, Central Italy famous for its leaning tower. Over 1 million tourist visit every year and take photos of the tower, Its very photogenic. But Pisa is not only just a leaning tower, it has more than this. Pisa has one of the oldest University in World founded in 1343, University of Pisa which is house of around 50,000 student. Town is very beautiful and amazing.

Pisa offers a lot to tourist from best food to best sightseeing which includes Leaning tower of Pisa, Baptistery, Cathedral, Cemetery (All of these are part of piazza dei miracoli). The place is very beautiful and attracts millions of tourist every year to visit this place. The ticket to climb up the tower is 18Euro.

Apart from Piazza de Miracolli there are many other squares and places to visit in Pisa like National Museum, Palazzo dei Cavalieri, Old churches and many more things.

When you are in Pisa, How can you miss the best gelatria in the city. You must try the Gelateria doesn’t matter its winter or summer.
Gelateria De’ Coltelli is one the best place or heaven for Gelateria lovers.

City is very beautiful and full of tourist, youngsters and you can enjoy everything in the city. Its an amazing city and place to visit.

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