Discover the Mini Europe in Brussels

Your visit to the beautiful city of Brussels (Capital of Europe) is incomplete without visiting the fascinating Mini-Europe which gives you a glimpse of all the famous attractions and places in Europe at one place.

Your tour to Mini-Europe will take you through 80 European cities and all the European countries like Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus etc. You can explore all the most famous places and cities of European countries.

Each country is represented by what they are famously known for either Iconic building and cities. Near each country, there is a button and when you press it, you can listen to the anthem of that country as well.

For example:

  • Denmark ->Trelleborg/Copenhagen
  • Sweden ->Stockholm
  • Finland ->Olavinlinna Castle
  • Estonia -> Tallinn
  • Latvia -> Riga /Monument of freedom
  • Italy -> Leaning Tower of Pisa/ Cathedral
  • France -> Eiffel Tower
  • Spain -> Seville/ Bullfight
  • Berlin -> The Berlin wall
  • Brussels -> Grand Place/ Liege/ Ghent
  • Greece -> Acropolis
  • Cyprus -> Kourion …………………

Some of the photos and views on Mini-Europe

Mini Europe

This theme park provides great photography opportunities to all photography enthusiasts as its very photogenic place. Kids also love the atmosphere and toy-like structures. All in all, this is a great place to spend a day with your family to experience everything from the miniature of Euorpe.


You can buy ticket for this place online and as well as on the site. You can even buy ticket at atomium. If you are planning to visit both then but ticket together. There are discount also available for kids and student. If you are a student don’t forget your ID.

How to Reach:

Place is very near to Atomium. You can take buses and tram/metro. The nearest metro station is Heysel, from there you can walk for 5 minutes and you are here.


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