The Tombs of the Kings: Paphos

The tombs of the kings is large ancient necropolis in Paphos city of Cyprus lying in an area of around 2 km near the sea. The name is can misguide a little bit as because no kings are thought to have been buried here. The site is fascinating and very important historically, and one of UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Tombs of the kings

This site contains a set of well-preserved underground tombs and chambers used by residents of Nea Pafos during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD. The tombs are unique and their style is a bit similar to Egyptian style or maybe they are influenced by Ancient Egyptian tradition where the tombs for dead people are resemble to houses for living one. Most of the tombs’ treasures have long taken by grave robbers.

How to reach:

You can take buses from the Paphos harbor station to reach the Tombs of the kings, the bus ticket is usually 1.50 Euros and for a student, its 0.75 Euro. Ticket is very cheap like 2.50 euro to visit this place which is best price to visit one of the large necropolis. This place need to be managed a bit more as they don’t have much description.

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