Kakopetria :One of the best village in Cyprus

Kakopetria means bad rock (Kako means bad and petra means rock in greek) is one of the best village in Cyprus. Kakopetria is part of Nicosia district and in foothills in the Troodos mountains. According to local legend says this rock originally rolled over to crush newlywed couple and that's how its got it name. … Continue reading Kakopetria :One of the best village in Cyprus

KanyaKumari – “The God’s own district”

At the southernmost part of India is located the town of Kanyakumari (The name comes from the Devi Kanya KumariTemple ), where India concludes its boundaries, almost gracefully, surrounded by the mighty Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal from all of its directions. The place is known for mesmerizing sunrises and sunset and attracts … Continue reading KanyaKumari – “The God’s own district”

Trip to Croatia

Traveling without a plan gives you incredible flexibility. Since nothing is booked far in advance, you aren’t tethered to one itinerary and can pivot to something different when you change your mind or something better comes along. Letting the day unfold randomly can lead to exciting and unplanned adventures.  That is what all about an … Continue reading Trip to Croatia