Lucca: The hidden gem of Tuscany

Lucca is the hidden and true gem of Tuscany. This little Medieval city is close to Pisa and not very far from Florence. The capital of Italian carnival Viareggio is also very close to this town. The major part of town is not accessible by car because of its wall. The entire town is very bicycle friendly. You can enter the historic Medieval town via one of the four gates in the city wall encircling Lucca. If you’re planning your trip to Tuscany region, you should not miss this place. This place s also called the city of 99 churches.

Lucca was the largest Italian city state with a republican constitution (“comune”) to remain independent over the centuries – next to Venice, of course. In 1805 Lucca was taken over by Napoleon, who put his sister Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi in charge as “Queen of Etruria”. After 1815 it became a Bourbon-Parma duchy, then part of Tuscany in 1847 and finally part of the Italian State. Lucca is twinned with the English market town of Abingdon, near Oxford. 

The narrow, cobblestone alleys are picturesque and charming. I loved to wander through the streets and soak up the Italian atmosphere. The town is very amazing and very old fashioned theme. There are two tower from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city Torre del Guinigi and Torre delle Ore .

In this relaxed Tuscan city, the eating, culture, and living are charmingly easy. It is a city small enough to manage on foot but one that has a rich history to explore within its beautiful medieval walls and beyond. The city owns everything from Nature to history, food to culture, churches to towers.

Torre del Guinigi :

Torre del Guinigi


City Walk and Wall:

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