Kakopetria :One of the best village in Cyprus

Kakopetria means bad rock (Kako means bad and petra means rock in greek) is one of the best village in Cyprus. Kakopetria is part of Nicosia district and in foothills in the Troodos mountains.

According to local legend says this rock originally rolled over to crush newlywed couple and that’s how its got it name. Despite it, Kakopetria is a top spot for friendliness and Greek hospitality in Cyprus.

The old part of the village is very beautiful and photogenic. The architecture of the village is very beautiful, Houses with wooden balcony, half of the houses hanging in the air makes this town beautiful. There are cafes and the people are very hospital, calm and happy. Each house has a beautiful wooden balcony which gives a magic color to the image of the village.

starting of old kakopetria
Picture from park

Near Kakopetria there is church from 11th century, Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis , UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. You can go there by walk, its not very far, a bit uphill from the city.

Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis

There is a nature trail as well alongside the river and walking and enjoying the beautiful nature there is so amazing.

Nature trail walk

Pictures from old Town of Kakopetria. The town doesnt have many people but usually lot of tourist visit this place specially during summer. Its one of the best place to enjoy culture and summer.

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