Thessaloniki: A popular tourist destination

The city of Thessaloniki was founded in 315 BC by “Cassander of Macedon”.
Thessaloniki was the second largest and wealthiest city of the Byzantine Empire. Thessaloniki is a popular tourist destination in Greece famous for street photography.
The city is renowned for its festivals, events and vibrant cultural life in general and considered to be Greece’s cultural capital. The place is famous for its food and culture and there are plenty of things that you would love to visit and one of them is “White Tower”. While you’re near the water, head up the historic six-storey White Tower, the iconic symbol of Thessaloniki. The Tower was used by the Ottoman Turks as a fortress and a prison. In 1826, at the order of the Sultan Mahmud II, there was a massacre at the tower and in turn, it acquired the name “Tower of Blood”.  When the city was taken over by the Hellenic State, the tower was whitewashed, a symbol of cleansing, rebirth. 

Thessaloniki offers great food to great culture. Lively Market and restaurant full of people sweets, fish, vegetables are amazing. There is a lot of cafe and bakery where you can sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful taste of Thessaloniki. The Main bus station is also not very far from the main city center. Taxi cost you around 5-10 Euros from the center but you can take buses as well. You can get a bus to Meteora (Blogpost) and other places from here.

The flight from Athens to Thessaloniki is for 1 hr and You can get cheaper ticket from Ryanair. If you are an Erasmus student they offer 15% discount as well.

Zongolopoulos’ ‘Umbrellas’ Fly to Egypt: A sculpture similar to the work by the artist that has become an iconic feature on Thessaloniki’s waterfront will be part of a new Egyptian city.

Thessaloniki is beautiful, vibrant and lively city with great food and culture. The city has beautiful restaurant, club, side walk, history. Visit to beautiful Thessaloniki is a worth visit.

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