KodaiKanal : The Queen of Hills

Kodaikanal is a beautiful, a very popular hill station in Tamil Nadu, India. It has picturesque views of valleys, lakes, waterfalls and grassy hills. 
 Kodaikanal is referred to as the “Princess of Hill Stations”.

I started Trip from Madurai(Blog post will come later) and it took around 3 hours from the bus but it worth it. The beautiful scenery, nice weather, view of valley, lakes and waterfall was so amazing and that’s it knows as Queen of Hills. The KodaiKanal lake is one of natural lake and you can enjoy boating there. Brynt park is also nearby to KodaiKanal lake.

“Brynt Park welcomes you”

The word KodaiKanal has different interpretation such as “Place to see in summer”, “The end of Forest”,”Forest of creepers” and “Gift of the forest” and all of these interpretation are true. The hills is full of thick forest and its so amazing. The flora and the natural beauty of this place is far beyond expectation.

Here are some of the beautiful view and photos from this beautiful place. There are lot of shops and market where you can find awesome and very tasty fruits and the spices are so good, the real spices. As you know Kerala is famous of spices and this place is paradise. Chocolate is one of the famous things to taste and take home.

Upper Lake view: The view point for lake. There re many view points on the way. The place is famous for couples and honeymoon as well, btw there is suicide point as well.

I hope the information is useful to plan your travel.

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