Where am I going???

“There’s no right or wrong, and if you’re wrong, you’re right”

It’s funny how life can be so witty. Seriously you never know where you are going. All of sudden in life, so many decisions need to made, so many things need to be considered and so many risks probably need to be taken to move forward. And there you are, standing in a crossroad, looking for some directions that sometimes you just couldn’t find any (ok, um..in every case, maybe you just should ask God, I don’t think so or may ask someone, I don’t think so).

Anyway..in the end, you just have to make up your mind which way you will take and believe in it. No turning back that’s the rule you have to put. Maybe the end of the road is exactly what you have expected, maybe it turns out to be a completely different one, but then again.. you probably would be happier than you have thought before. And if you feel like you have gone to the wrong way, you know that you’re right. It just you, trying to figure things out, walking down your path.

“Believe in yourself and that only make you stronger”

It is scary sometimes, heading to some altering life decisions. But then again, you probably just need to believe yourself that you will have made the best decisions for your life. You have seen the perfect image there before. It will never be easy, but it will always worth it. And even if everything isn’t working like you have thought it would be, you know that it’s the joy of the journey that matters… that you have taken your chances, that you have gone so far for something you believe in.

“Enjoy the Journey, Destination is just a destination”

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