Trust in your dreams, Way to success!!

“If You trust your dreams and believe in yourself, You will make your way”

I see a lot of people write a lot of articles, books and give advice about the best way to achieve dreams. A lot of article mention some formulas…For example,  

Get up early morning!

Exercise/Yoga for an hour!

Maintain Your diet

Read a lot of books!

Smart Work

Try to Solve puzzles and real-life problems… .and the list never stops. . . . 

Everything mentioned looks fine but I will say these are right pieces of advice but these are not the only way to achieve your dreams. Everyone has different dreams and have differences in their way of thinking, their way of working. So what might work for me may not work for you. No article or books can cover a definite way of success. They just provide some pieces of advice based on some personal experiences. Most of the success stories and biography based on personal experiences and some of them are common. No one knows about your life and your dreams, so you can’t be put in the same bucket or same exercise to succeed. You have to go your own way to achieve success.

The only things everyone knows is that achieving your dreams is quite difficult. You need strong determination and you have to sacrifice a lot of things for success. Success is never sure but you will get satisfaction because you will love the process and you will never regret in your life. Believe in the process and achieve your dreams. Success is just as a milestone that you may achieve or not but satisfaction and experience is the most important asset and that you will get for sure.

So believe in yourself and take part in the race of achieving your dreams. Trust your dreams and take a risk in your life. I see people saying “Failure is not an option”, I will say . . “Failure is an option but never giving up is not an option”.

“Take your time, believe in yourself and run for your dreams”

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