Trip to Croatia

Traveling without a plan gives you incredible flexibility. Since nothing is booked far in advance, you aren’t tethered to one itinerary and can pivot to something different when you change your mind or something better comes along. Letting the day unfold randomly can lead to exciting and unplanned adventures.  That is what all about an unplanned trip. You are at a stop and don’t know where are you going? The trip to Croatia for me was something like this, waiting at Budapest Train Station and deciding what’s next and suddenly bought the ticket to Croatia.

At night I was in Croatia and found a hostel near Zagreb, Palmers Lodge and Next day went for a free tour. The history and the amazing place always excites me.

Here are some views of Zagreb city, I am not a photographer but still try to capture some of the moments in life. It was the time of Easter, so there was a decoration at every place.

The one of the thing that excited me was the Museum of Broken Relationship, This was quite a new concept and there were a lot of stories to read about that there can be any reason to break up and the memories last forever.

The other thing was that every day at 12:00 noon cannon fire from the tower which had some historical meaning for the people. I did capture the video.

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