Sunrise at The Taj Mahal

I couldn’t believe that my sunrise trip to Taj Mahal was a surprise. Nothing can be more wonderful when you just go without plan and thinking. Solo traveling is a peace. It always difficult to make time when you have a lot of work and things to do but still if you like something you will make time for it and the trip to Taj Mahal in October before my Israel trip was an example of this.

Taj Mahal is known as Symbol of love. Its a marvelous piece of architecture. The beauty of it is immeasurable. The carving, design all are the example of beautiful architecture and according to belief, its true replica of heaven. Love is blind and Taj Mahal proves this proverb in all respect. To make a replica of heaven for the resting piece of own love is really something.

The sunrise view of Taj Mahal was so beautiful that you cant deny the fact why its one of the world wonder. On the bank of the Yamuna river the beauty of this place is immeasurable. But in these years because of pollution and too many touristic it became more touristic only and The beauty of Taj Mahal is fading slowly.

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