Success is not a destination !!

I see a lot of people just want to get Success and Fame. They think Success and Fame as a destination, but in the true meaning Success and Fame is not a destination. Success and fame are only something that can be a result of your hard work or your luck or anything but it can not be defined as a destination.

In true meaning destination can be something you really want to do but these days most of people are not going for what they want. They are running behind something which is not needed for them and they understand it at later stage. There are so many fear are feeded into human mind these days by society, people, family that they lost their purpose. I am not pointing that making money, success, fame can not be a destination, indeed they can be your destination but its not a destination by giving up your dreams and desire. If you get it by giving up whatever you wanted to do, you will regret later.

Do What you love or love what you do.

This phrase look nice and I agree you can choose both option its fine. But I will give priority to first one, although 2nd one is also important if you are not aware when you are choosing something. But its true that you love, if you love your work it becomes easy to handle.

Failure is always an option when you are trying new things but quitting shouldn’t be an option.

Success is not a destination, its a part of your journey if you are trying hard and putting all your effort you might get success but its not destiny, self-satisfaction, joy, happiness is needed and if you are putting efforts for something you love you will get all those things.Experience is greatest asset and you get it when you try it by yourself. fail, fail.. . . . .fail and in end you will succeed one day and that is your success.

You can fail in something you don’t like and you can fail in something you like if there is chance is both then why don’t you choose the later one. At least you will get self satisfaction and happiness.

Chase your dream, you will get the greatest asset- -Self Satisfaction.

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