Job Satisfaction v/s Salary

Now a days, everyone is running behind money, no matter they are satisfied or not, they are doing things ethically or not… etc.

Job satisfaction must be more important than money. I know money matters but if you are earning money but you are tensed, not satisfied, compromising with your thinking then what is the use of that money? Enjoying life is more important. Enjoy doesn’t mean that you must have a big bank balance… etc. You can enjoy only if you satisfied. You won’t be able to give you 100% if you are not satisfied with your job and in fact, you are wasting your talent. Choose your field where you can excel. Maybe in starting you won’t earn much but there is a possibility you can excel. It will be beneficial for you as well as for others and more important you are satisfied.

But again one question comes really money doesn’t matter?? Still, the issue is whether job satisfaction is better than the salary??

So everyone is having their own interest e.g. some like to be famous, some like to research, some like to earn, some like power etc. So, earning a lot of money can also be your passion.

Most people enjoy having a job with a high salary and it makes them feel satisfied no matter what kind of job they are doing? However, life is too short to be wasted in only earning money without any satisfaction. There are a lot of people who are for and against this point of view. First of all, who agree with this statement, that salary is just something you get once every month. Job satisfaction keeps you happy every minute. So ideally a good balance of both is required, but there is no doubt that job satisfaction is definitely more important. For an instance, researchers spend their lives in research and they don’t enjoy life much but they are passionate about that. Nevertheless, their work’s purpose is to become famous, but not to become wealthy. Another point of view is that salary is more important compared to job satisfaction. This is a kind of mental satisfaction for people who strongly believe that salary should be in the first place. Also, most people are indeed of such kind of things as maintaining the family with food, clothes, education and other necessary things.

To sum up, most of the people want to earn money; but really people still exist who prefer to pursue what they are interested in. They have a clear goal in their mind. It is a fact, that money is essential for survival, but it should not become our obsession and “Money can’t buy happiness.”

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