Five Things that we need to learn from Computer

We spend a lot of time on a computer daily. We only put so many features into the computer but really we forgot those features and they are really related to our day to day life and we again need to learn those things from computer to increase productivity. Things that we need to learn from the computer.

Time Management:

One of the things that we need to learn is time management. Our computer does so many things in a short amount of time is that because it saves the current context of the previous program before running the next program. It keeps track of where the next program instruction is, what resources it required and when comes back to the previous process it doesn’t spend the time to find from where I need to start. Same way, if we are doing one task, because of some other important task I started working on that task. So before going for another task, we must make note what we have done and what left. so we can directly start working on the previous task when we come after a new task without spending much time.


Most of the time we used to refresh a computer screen whenever it slow or not performing well it’s quite common. Same way if you are tired, slow you should go for refreshment so you can increase the productivity of yourself.

Proper Input:

As you know software needs input to work on, so for computer key stroke is input if a computer is not able to interpret input or input is wrong it won’t work properly. Same way for us listening properly is input. So always listen properly if you are not listening properly or not understanding you can’t work properly.

Need of Energy:

For a computer, power is a source of energy if it is not there it won’t work. Same way for us sleep, food.. is a source of energy, without these, we can’t work. So take a proper diet and sleep for productive output. Your productivity is not defined by work hours you spent.


A computer does very well in prioritizing task. Each program actually has a priority associated with it. This priority determines how much of the computer resources it can use and how often it gets a turn to run. Critical things that need attention now can interrupt the current process to get the attention it needs.  The same way we need to prioritize our task/work properly for better productivity

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